Asheville Community Theatre

Asheville, North Carolina

Susan Harper

Executive Director

Asheville Community Theatre

In 2015, Susan Harper, Executive Director of historic and iconic Asheville Community Theatre, contacted Sims & Steele to see if we might lend some advice before ACT began its first capital campaign since their building was built in 1972.

The conversation led to a memorable and satisfying 4-year relationship and the successful completion of
a campaign ($1.7m) that completely renovated the Mainstage at ACT. Like so many projects, this one is
close to my heart. Because the culture of theatre is so inviting and compelling, it really draws you in.

ACT’s sharp and passionate staff, the astute Board, and fantastic Campaign Steering Committee all made
for much progress under Susan’s leadership. Had the pandemic not arrived, ACT was well on the way to completing the next phase of the campaign to add 4 additional rehearsal and performance spaces – which would have enabled them to double programming and classes, and to also double the number of children being served.

See the 4-minute video to get a sense of how compelling ACT’s case and voice has been to achieve these goals.

At ACT, there is a quiet resolve that one day these plans will be achieved and ACT’s halls will again be ringing with the sounds of children and theatre.

Please stay tuned for ACT’s next act.