Western Carolina Community Action

Hendersonville, North Carolina

David White



Western Carolina Community Action

Western Carolina Community Action is now 55 years old. For most of its history, WCCA has worked behind the headlines, primarily in a silent partner role, to serve communities to meet housing, education, transportation and self-sufficiency challenges.

With the invitation to Sims & Steele in Fall 2019 to oversee WCCA’s strategic planning process, there is now an emerging and very dynamic and different organization.

As a result, WCCA is testing its ability to be the proactive leader and advocate for stronger regional policy and partnerships. In addition, WCCA now has a welcomed place at the table of community conversation; it brings ideas, partners and funding together, and manages quality programming across its growing market place.

This change in WCCA is striking, partly due to the extraordinary times and changing conditions, partly to strategic planning conversations and WCCA’s desire to seize opportunity at hand, and definitely a product of CEO David White and his Leadership Team championing the opportunity to be an active community leader.

WCCA’s strategic plan charts a bold vision and a defined path that will project WCCA into a stronger, more community engaged future. The net result will be that WCCA is giving people in WNC the power to transform their futures and live more fully in community.